What is The Different between Our 2 Main Back Massagers?

We all live at a fast pace today, under constant pressure in every aspect of life, so it’s no wonder that stress and anxiety are on the rise. While in an ideal world we would all have our own personal massager ready to help iron out the tension any time we want, that has always been an unreachable dream for most of us, until now.

A range of home massagers offers an affordable solution that provides in-home massaging on-demand whenever you want. With a range of options including a 2D massager, 3D massager and Shiatsu programs, these neck and back massager products bring the relaxing massage experience to you, wherever you are.

Rolli-fit Massage Mat

We begin with the easily transportable massage mat that blends a shiatsu neck massager with a combined vibration and heat-based back treatment that are perfect for just lying back and letting the tension flow out of your body. Made from super-comfortable memory foam, the mat can be used on a bed, a couch, a recliner chair, or on the floor.

It features 8 heat pads that combine with the same number of powerful vibration motors to give 5 different massage modes that ease tension, relieve stress and encourage blood flow. In addition, the pillow features 4 shiatsu deep kneading nodes for a superb neck massage, adding more versatility to the massage mat.

East to use, the massage mat features remote control to quickly access any preset massage cycle, while the soft plush polyester cover is fully washable for simple care and long-lasting performance. This massage mat is ideal for older people who are looking for something to promote blood flow and provide a soothing back massage right in the comfort of their own home. With the shiatsu neck massage as well, it is a simple and effective package that brings all the benefits of massage within easy reach.


Rolli-fit Shiatsu Back Massager Chair with Heat

Taking in-home massage to another level, this easy to use back massager chair offers a full shiatsu massage experience at home. There are 4 2D massager nodes and 4 3D massager nodes that can provide a choice of programs and 3 massage zones, providing both Shiatsu and Thai massage in combination, helping it feel like a human massage, releasing stress and relaxing muscles. The massage experience doesn’t stop there, with optional heat functions on each node to add a gentle, soothing warmth that enhances the overall feel from the massager.

The massage seat itself is made from high quality PU leather that is soft and supple, with a breathable mesh to avoid the back becoming clammy. The massage chair can be used on a couch, recliner, an office or dining chair or even in your car. The remote control makes it incredibly easy to use, just set your preferred program and optional heat setting, and then sit back, relax and enjoy the massage.


Rolli-fit Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

The last Rolli-fit massager we are looking at is the neck and back massager, which adds more nodes and more flexibility to the massage experience. Featuring shiatsu massaging nodes in both the neck and back areas, this massager chair provides the most comprehensive personal massage solution for your home.

With both 2D massager and 3D massager nodes in the back of the seat, 8 in total, plus 4 shiatsu nodes in the neck, this impressive massager features a total of 12 nodes for a fantastic performance. By combining both 2D and 3D massaging, it provides an extremely realistic massage that relieves stress and eases tension. In addition, this massager has a spot massage function to relieve those tight knots and work on your problem area directly. The neck and back areas also feature a heating function to enhance the relaxing feel, while the seat has a vibration mode for extra soothing during the massage.

The massage chair can be used on a couch, recliner, an office or dining chair or even in your car. It features a remote control for ease of use, and because you can customize the massage to the area you wish, it provides a very effective massager experience for everyone. A removable pillow and flap make cleaning and storage easy, highlighting this neck and back massager as one of the best options on the market today.


Alternative Massagers

Rolli-fit has an impressive range of massagers catering to a variety of needs and budgets, but how do they compare with others on the market?

The two main competing brands are Snailax and Naipocare, who also offer a ranger of massager options across budgets. At matching price points, however, the Rolli-fit options tend to offer more features, for instance a combined back and neck massager sits at a significantly higher price point than the Rolli-fit option. In addition, it is the combination of both 2D massager and 3D massager in one product that lifts the massage experience from Rolli-fit  beyond others in the market right now, as it is something not found elsewhere at similar costs.

Whatever the massage needs, from a simple vibration and heat-based solution in the massager mat to the more comprehensive blending of 2D and 3D massager nodes in the seats, the Rolli-fit  range stands out for value and quality.


Your on-call personal message solution

We know that stress and tension can lead to other problems and affect both health and mental wellbeing, and yet both are part of everyday life for so many of us. Now, with these affordable massager options, it doesn’t have to be.

You can enjoy a genuine massage experience in your own home or even in your car, whenever you want. Simple to use and effective in action, from heat therapy to full-on shiatsu massages, Rolli-fit has a range of massagers that work for you. Easy to care for, these modern massagers really do mean you can have a personal massager working for you whenever you want, and it feels every bit as good as you imagine.