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About Us

Rolli-fit is a wellness company that focuses on the human massage. In today's society, it's easy to ignore one's health. People are working more and relaxing less. To combat this, Rolli-fit has dedicated itself to producing affordable, high-quality massage and relaxation products, made available to everyone. Everyone deserves a better, healthier life. Rolli-fit is here to help you along that path.
In The Year of 2020, we have launched 3 new innovative back massager products, all of them are well  designed to meet the demand of the seniors, the office workers, massage lovers and others with back or neck problems. Different with other common back massagers on the market, they usually combine with 4 massage nodes, but our back massagers have 8 nodes in all, 4 shiatsu massage nodes and 4 Thai massage nodes bring you a human-like comfortable full back massage experience, in addition, our neck and back massager cushion can also massage people with their neck issues, you should have no worries about your height, for this massager can adjust the height at your will. As for our full back massage mat, except for the basic vibration pad functions, you can also enjoy a cozy neck massage when you are lying down whenever you are, the heat function in the neck will also provide you a soothing warmth. There are more hidden features about our products that you need to explore and find, visit our store now and find yours today!